What Is Land Clearing?

Land clearing, also known as lot clearing, is the process of removing trees, tree stumps, boulders, and debris from property for the purposes of improvement to the property, construction projects or land  development.

Whether you plan to use your plot of land for farming, hunting, real estate development or other purposes, land clearing is a great way to enlarge the feel of your property and put your acreage to use. While land clearing, maintaining a respectful relationship with the nature around it is vital for any land clearing company, and at Marks Clearing we preserve and maintain the nature surrounding the property we are working on. 

Why do I Need a Land Clearing Company?

One reason you want to hire a trusted and experienced company for your land clearing project, such as Marks Clearing in Augusta, is because of the amount of machinery needed to perform a successful and job well done. 

Land clearing differs from other landscaping services as land clearing usually involves more machinery for the thicker, overgrown and complicated property spots. Marks Clearing provides land clearing services that will remove all the saplings, trees and overgrown vegetation, as well as heavy, fixed materials that are on the property you want cleared. Marks Clearing leaves your property smooth and free of debris and depressions.

Standard Land Clearing Equipment

  • Brush hoggers are rotary mowers that cut down thick vegetation, overgrown underbush and tall grasses. Attached with a three-point hitch and pulled behind a tractor, brush hoggers can clear large areas of land that have been left unattended, including property with small trees, without causing damage to the machine’s spinning blades.
  • Front loaders are used to move fallen tree limbs or large rocks out of the path of clearing machinery. Eliminating the land of large, heavy objects will make the land clearing process easier and remove the need to stop and start any time an obstacle is encountered.
  • For boulder or tree stump removal, a large chain can be wrapped around the item and hauled away behind a tractor.

If there are trees or areas of vegetation you do not want to have removed during the land clearing process, be sure to communicate this verbally and visually with your land clearing company. Either on your own or while surveying the land with your land clearing company, you should mark off untouchable areas using bright yellow caution tape or wrap them in landscaping fabric for protection. If there are any low hanging branches from tall trees that are at risk for being caught or cut, clearly mark these off as well.

Things To Consider When Preparing To Clear Land

The first thing to consider when preparing a piece of property for land clearing is which land clearing company should you choose. Always do your research to find an experienced and premiere land clearing company, like Marks Clearing in Augusta.

  • Set a budget. Discuss with your land clearing company everything you want done on the property that way you and the contractor are on the same page financially.
  • Determine if you will need a permit. Depending on where your land is located and the vegetation that surrounds it, there may be protected wild lands or wildlife residing on your property that requires a permit to remove. Before you undertake any measure of work, check with your local land planning agency to see if you’re permitted to clear the land. While it might seem like a hassle at first, beginning a project only to find out that you are not authorized to continue due to local regulations could result in expensive fines. The good news? If you hire a land clearing company like Marks Clearing, they might be able to take care of the necessary permits for you.
  • Plan to land clear in the spring and autumn. While it’s true you can land clear in any season (with the exception of in extreme cold or snow), performing a landscaping job is always more enjoyable for all parties involved when they aren’t stuck outdoors in extreme temperatures. Another benefit to land clearing in more mild seasons is that growth to grasses and trees isn’t likely to be as rapid, meaning clearing the territory should be more manageable and require less equipment. 

How Much Will Clearing My Land Cost?

Land clearing services are based on a variety of factors. Some of the factors that can influence the cost of clearing your desired property or land are listed below.

  • The size of the land needing to be cleared. There is a big difference in terms of the amount of effort required to clear an acre of land versus a large area or forest. When asking local land clearing companies for their prices, be prepared to answer their questions of how large the area needs to be cleared, or you could even show them in person.
  • Type of terrain. Whether you have steep inclines, ditches, tree stumps… all details can influence the price of clearing land.
  • Time of year. Most extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, will influence the price for land clearing.
  • Additional hired help. The potential for subcontractors to assist in the work depends entirely on the amount and density of the land needing to be cleared. You should get a good idea how the company you hire plans to approach the project early on, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Benefits of Land Clearing

The benefits of land clearing are numerous and have the potential to positively impact your property for years to come. For homeowners sitting on a large area of unmaintained land, clearing out the overgrowth can enlarge the feel of the property, giving them an increased sense of value and aesthetic enjoyment. For farmers or real estate developers, leveling dense overgrowth and opening up heavily forested areas can promote vibrant agricultural growth or set the stage for buildings and homes to be constructed.

When you hire professionals to do the job of land clearing for you, you save time, money, eliminate risk of bodily injury and can trust that the final result will be something to take pride in. Take control of your property or land and have Marks Clearing clear your land.