Things to Know Before Starting a Demolition Project in Augusta

To most people, demolition sounds fun and sparks images and inspirations of swinging sledgehammers, flying wrecking balls and sanctioned destruction. However, demolition is a serious business that should only be performed by professionals.

Demolition can be dangerous and deadly and there are numerous things to know before initiating a demolition. Whether small or large, if you want to be safe and have the demolition process go as smoothly as possible, consult with the demolition experts at Marks Clearing & Grading in Augusta.

Demolition is a Major Undertaking & is Not for Weekend DIYers

However simple you think your demolition project is going to be right now, go ahead and expect a few curveballs and for things to not go your way. Demolition projects always turn out to be bigger than you anticipate. What seems like a simple, straightforward task will grow before you even know it. Two things to consider in a demolition project:

  • The amount of structure to be demolished.
  • The amount of rubble to be hauled away afterwards.

Both of these are giant tasks that would seem almost impossible without the demolition services at Marks Clearing & Grading in Augusta. Demolition projects may look simple but are not as easy as you think, which is why it is best left to professionals.

The unpredictable aspects of demolition mean that it should never be done as a DIY project. There are permits to obtain, rules to abide by and numerous, significant dangers. Structures don’t always collapse the way you hoped or planned, not all structures are in compliance with modern building codes, older structures may be filled with dangerous asbestos and even dust can get out of control. All these factors play into account of why you should hire Marks Clearing & Grading in Augusta for any demolition projects.

Be Clear About Your Demolition Plans

When discussing your demolition plans with professionals like Marks Clearing & Grading in Augusta, it is important you communicate exactly what you want to be demolished. You don’t want something demolished that you planned to keep intact.

Salvage Or Sell

Before you start a demolition project it’s a good idea to identify the items you may be able to salvage or sell from the structure you’re preparing to demolish. Some items can be salvaged, sold or reused. Some items include:

  • Appliances
  • HVAC units
  • Light fixtures
  • Glass
  • Radiators
  • Ductwork
  • Piping
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Skirting
  • Steel
  • Scrap metal
  • Wood
  • Cabinets

Disconnect All Utilities Before Demolition Begins

Before the demolition professionals arrive, it is critical that all utilities are disconnected before the demolition process begins to avoid a serious or fatal injury. Make sure all utilities including electricity, water, sewage and natural gas are all disconnected before demolition professionals begin.

Dumpster Rental For Demolition Rubble Debris

Most demolition professionals will either let you know or bring a dumpster for all the rubble and debris that will come from the demolition of your structure. Either way, keep in mind it is vital to have a plan for where all the debris will go after the demolition.

Need Demolition Services? Call Marks Clearing & Grading for Demolition Service in Augusta

Demolition projects often involve multiple factors that include permits, inspections and numerous dangerous materials. The most important thing to do when preparing for a demolition project is to properly plan for all scenarios and call the demolition experts at Marks Clearing & Grading in Augusta. Utilizing the demolition professionals at Marks Clearing & Grading in Augusta will ensure safety as well as a careful, well-informed approach to demolition to minimize the unexpected issues.

When it comes to demolition services in Augusta, Marks Clearing & Grading has the demolition professionals for any demolition projects throughout the CSRA. Interested in hiring Marks Clearing & Grading to be a part of your demolition project? Call Marks Clearing & Grading for demolition services in Augusta and get rid of the structures cluttering your property.