It’s important to prepare your property before you begin the process of land clearing.  Perhaps you’re getting ready to build your dream home, or maybe add a new workshop next to your current home.

Land clearing entails the removal of rocks, plants, and other debris on your property. This is essential before starting the actual construction. You definitely want the land clearing work to move as smoothly as possible and within the set budget and time-frame. One way to achieve this is through proper preparation of your property. So, how exactly do you prepare your property for land clearing? Read on for some steps you need to take to prepare before your land clearing contractor sets in.

1. Check Zoning Laws before Land Clearing

To begin with, you need to familiarize yourself with your area’s zoning laws. To ensure your planned construction doesn’t violate any laws, you need to check with your local zoning offices. Get to understand the zoning laws of your area and how they can affect your project. Most cities and counties are organized into zoning categories, and Augusta and its surrounding cities are no exception. The zoning category of where your property is located is the first information you should get from the local planning department.  For easy reference, check out the Columbia County Zoning department, or the Richmond County Zoning department. If there are any permits required, start applying for approval before the project kick-starts. While zoning laws might seem confusing for most people, it’s a critical step for your project’s success in the long run. Failure to check the zoning laws and obtaining the necessary permits may result in major costs and delays to your upcoming project. You may consider seeking insights from your real estate attorney about zoning ordinance and other laws in your area. Your attorney can help you understand the zoning requirements and help you determine your options. The experts at Marks Clearing & Grading can also provide insight and assistance with any zoning questions you might have.

2. Hire Land Clearing Contractors

Depending on the size of your property, performing a land clearing project yourself can be a daunting task and usually requires hiring experts. While there are some land clearing projects that you can do by yourself, you not have the right equipment and expertise to complete the project successfully.  That’s why you’ll need the services of a professional land clearing contractor. To get the best land clearing contractor, research the different land clearing contractors in your area.  Explain to them the nature of your project and have them provide you with quotations and how they plan on handling the job. You should also ensure that the contractor you intend to hire is licensed and insured. Confirm that they have all the necessary equipment to perform the clearing task to your satisfaction. By doing that, you’ll be guaranteed that the task will be done correctly and within the set time. This will also help you to save you time for other activities and have a hassle-free project.

3. Research Surveyors

You may also have to get in touch with a surveyor to help you plot out the topography of your property before any clearing begins. The surveyor will help you determine your property’s perimeter and mark the area to be cleared. They can further help you establish the contour of your property’s terrain, come up with the correct foundation depths, as well as any limitations on your land. Hiring qualified surveyors will help you to properly mark the area you need to be cleared so that the land clearing contractor may not waste time clearing areas you don’t need to be addressed. With clearly mapped boundaries, it becomes easier for you to envision an ideal layout of your property.

4. Place Well and Septic Systems

Most construction projects require the installation of wells and septic systems. If yours does, make sure that you determine the areas you’d want them placed before the clearing of your land begins. For this step, it’s critical to involve your local government water agency.  If you live in Evans, Martinez, Harlem, Appling, or any city in Columbia County, please contact the Columbia County Water Utilities department so that they can provide you with professional assistance in the planning for the septic tank and sewage system.  If you live in Augusta, Hephzibah, or any city in Richmond County, please contact the Richmond County Water Utilities department. 

5. Perform a Land Markup

In addition to your property’s boundaries, the contractor with whom you are working will need to complete a land mark-up by outlining your building’s footprint and the areas where other features such as gas lines, septic tanks, driveways, and wells will be positioned. Paint, stakes, or bright tapes will likely be utilized in the mark-up work. This will help speed up the land clearing task and minimize the chances of mistakes being made.

6. What Is Your Budget? 

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all cost for land clearing work. How much your land clearing project will cost is mainly determined by the size of your property and the condition of the land at that time. The prices may be different when clearing land that’s lightly wooded, bushy, heavily forested or even sloped. This is because the different land types demand the use of different equipment to get the job done. Other factors that affect land clearing cost include the property’s accessibility and local regulations.

Prepare Your Land for a Smooth Clearing

There are many reasons behind the clearing of land. However, no matter the reason, it’s essential that you prepare your property in advance before the actual land clearing work begins. Good preparation ensures that you have the right foundation to get the land cleared promptly and properly. Do this early enough to prevent errors and to help establish the ideal land clearing method based on your specific needs and goals. Contact Marks Clearing & Grading today for safest, most efficient, highest-quality land clearing services at the most competitive prices!