There were over 1.8 million residential buildings built back in 2003. That’s almost 20 years ago, and since then many of those buildings are likely out of commission. They need to be cleared for new residences to be built, and for more room to expand existing buildings.

Yet, clearing out so many buildings isn’t just a long process. It’s a tough job to clear out just one, and it requires an expert to do it correctly. If you want to clear land so that you can build something new, you need a demolition contractor who knows what they’re doing. Demolition sites are dangerous areas, and navigating one requires precise teamwork and precautions. There need to be designated areas where debris can be deposited, so that it doesn’t pile up. Demolition jobs also need to be surveyed before anything gets destroyed, so no harmful substances are released or perilous situations created. Doing demolition correctly requires a great deal of experience, knowledge, equipment, and willpower. Few demolition companies have all of these things, although almost everyone in the industry will claim to be best. Make sure you find the right team for your job.  Read below to learn some traits of good demolition contractors!

A Good Demolition Contractor is Special

Most demolition contractors believe that every job is the same. If all you’re doing is destroying something, how different can it be? They don’t see the differences between tearing down a residential building and an old warehouse, even though the differences should be obvious. The truly adept demolition contractors specialize in a specific area. Some may be renowned for clearing wooded areas, while others may focus on destroying cement-built buildings. If someone claims to specialize in something, that means they recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and are willing to disclose them to you. And that’s a sign of a good contractor. Your first step when finding a demolition contractor should be to find one that specializes in the job you need done. That way, you’ll be guaranteed to be able to trust them.

Make Sure They Have Insurance

Everyone needs some kind of insurance; you need insurance for your car, and homeowners need to get insurance for their houses. Contractors are no different — they need it even more than most people. Contractors put themselves in dangerous situations every day to get the job done. Even if it’s their job to do dangerous things, they still need to be covered in case something happens. Accidents are always possible, no matter how skilled someone is at their job. And if your contractor isn’t covered by insurance, you may end up having to pay them damages. They can argue that it was your responsibility to guarantee a safe work zone. If they argue well enough, you may be stuck paying thousands of dollars for an accident. Yet, insurance will cover it if your contractor has it. If your contractor has insurance, you’ll both be happier.

Know What Their Insurance Covers

Just like any kind of insurance, not everything is covered. Some insurances cover specific kinds of incidents better than others. There are some insurances that don’t cover certain kinds of accidents at all. Be sure to ask what a contractor’s insurance covers — don’t be satisfied just because they have insurance.

Don’t Be Destroyed By Legal Fees

Not just anyone with a hammer and a passion for destroying things can be a demolition contractor. To operate a demolition contractor business, contractors must be licensed. States, counties, and municipalities each have different laws governing how contractors can get licenses, and what those licenses cover. Hiring a demolition contractor who isn’t licensed may land you in legal trouble. You may need to pay for any unplanned damage they may cause. You may also need to defend yourself in court. So, make sure the person you hire is licensed before they start clearing land. That way, you’ll make sure your wallet and your sanity aren’t cleared away with it!

Find Someone With Experience

There’s only one way to become an expert in something: to get experience. And why would you settle for anything other than an expert? When you discuss the project with a potential contractor, make sure to ask if they did anything like it before. Don’t just be satisfied with any old answer they give you. Make sure to follow up and reach out to the people they did it for. Ask their previous clients if they’re satisfied with the work they did. Just because they did it before doesn’t mean they did it well.

Ask Around — People Know Good Contractors

Referrals are one of the best ways to tell if someone is the real deal. If someone is a master of what they do, people will be able to tell. They’ll talk about it, and other people will comment on the job a contractor does if it’s done well. At Marks Clearing & Grading and Marks Demolition, we’re proud to have a long line of satisfied customers who generously share their experiences with other folks.  And we’re beyond appreciative of it!  We know that good word of mouth is important for a business, and we treat each and every job with the highest level of professionalism to ensure satisfaction every time. If you’re considering a certain contractor, ask them for referrals. If they’re confident in their abilities, they’ll give you people to contact.

Finding a Good Demolition Contractor is Hard

It’s not easy to find a good demolition contractor. Throughout the contracting industry, people will claim to be the best at what they do. They will all say that they’re the best, but only a few will be able to back that up. It’s your job to make sure they are actually the best and to find the right person for the job. You need someone established in the industry, and who has years of experience behind them. Luckily, we have that and more. Contact us if you need help with a demolition job, and we’ll work to get it done right, and to convince you that we’re the best!